Never Ending Campaign

Friday, February 2, 1996

Campaign 666

Date:    96-05-02 :44 EDT
From:    Reba31
To:    JGetz


If you weren't so forgetful, maybe the Republicans *would* hire you.




Camera opens on blue sky, panning down.

Background music: John Lennon's "Imagine."

VO: Imagine a world without technology.

Camera pans down to Eden-like grove of trees and grass.

VO: Some people do.

(Go to: montage of clips from the sixties: Woodstock, signs saying "Back to
Nature" etc. Hippies lying around on the ground, conspicuously not working.)

RADICAL: (doing power-to-the-people salute) Fight the machine, man!

Freeze-frame, then go in tight on RADICAL's fist. Cut to: quick clip, Army
Math Research Center exploding. Freeze frame. Dissolve to and hold on
posterized face of Ted K.

Sounds: "Imagine" still playing, faintly, in background. Chaos, street
fighting, gun-shots, explosions, "the whole world is watching" etc.

VO: Back to Eden, that's what they imagine. No machines. No jobs. No

The sounds of destruction intensify. The poster starts to burn.

Quick cut to CLINTON at an Earth Day rally.

CLINTON: Imagine what it would be like if all of us made every day an Earth
Day. If all us put Earth first...

Jump cut to quick, almost subliminal flash of fire, destruction,
screams--then go to total black.

VO: But they can't really imagine what it would be like.

"Imagine" still playing softly, then cuts off with a screetching record
effect. Hold on black, no sound. Title effect, reverse:

                                   CRUSADE AMERICA '96
                                  this time, we're going to win

My name is Getz. Jack Getz. I'm a writer, comedian. Used to have
everything--wife, well sortof, a good job, lots of beer in the fridge. Then
one day they took it from me--everything. All because of a videotape. I have
it, they want it. And they'll stop at nothing to get it...

THUG: Gimme the video.
THUG: Aw pleeeeeease????????

I'm keeping this voiceover diary so I'll know these events are true. I know
they are. They...have to be.

VOICE: There you go, man. Keep as cool as you can. Face piles of...
GETZ: Aw, shut the fuck up. I HATE the Moody Blues.

And after that build-up, you know it's gonna be I mean just, some kinda
powerful kosmic revelation outta the 9th Emanation from the Zephiroth or your
money back, friends, a monster, a monster with a bullet, and at any rate uh.

"The Simpsons"...
                            ...the "lost episode."

Roll tape...


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